Visa application process: How to schedule a US visa appointment

Visa application process: How to schedule a US visa appointment?

Visa application process: How to schedule a US visa appointment?

The process for initiating a visa application for the United States is divided into multiple stages, that you need to follow rigorously. Each step demands time. Most importantly, it takes precision in the information that you deliver because the consular office will evaluate the veracity of all the data that you provide. So we recommend leaving a good couple of hours on your agenda to complete these phases as well as possible.

We know that the phases to follow to apply to any US visa appointment can be quite confusing. So to answer the question: how to schedule a US visa appointment? We developed this article that will give clear and precise guidance of the phases that you need to complete until you get to the US visa interview. 

   1. Get familiar with the US embassy website of your country and find the DS-160 form.

As you navigate through the US embassy website of your country, you will find different features. These different options and windows can produce some confusion. This is due to the overwhelming quantity of information uploaded on the site. So to optimize your time, we recommend that in this first visit to the US embassy site you focus on finding the DS-160 form.

The DS-160 form is a fully integrated online application used for the US Nonimmigrant Visa that can be only submitted electronically.

   2. Complete the DS-160 form and submitted electronically.

When someone asks us: how to schedule a US visa appointment? Besides giving them total guidance in the process, we always emphasize that the correct completion of the DS – 160 form is crucial to kick-off your process in the best way. Here are some tips that hopefully will help you complete the DS-160:

  • While you complete the DS-160 form you should have the following documents available: passport, travel itinerary, dates of your five last visits or trips to the U.S and Resumé.
  • All answers need to be in English, not in your native language.
  • Most of the questions are mandatory. Only in the questions marked as optional, you may leave spaces blank. You may answer “Does not apply” if the question doesn’t apply to you.

*Important* – If you don’t answer the mandatory questions the US system will not allow you to submit the form

  • A unique identification application will be delivered to you when you begin to complete de DS-160 form. That way you will be able to save and return to your application as many times as you can. (Limit of 30 days to return to it).
  • The photo is a vital part of your visa application. Please consider investing some time to research the guidelines that the US embassy requires before you take your picture.
  • There are no additional forms required. Only if you are applying for a Treaty Trader/ Treaty Investor visa you will need to complete an additional form.

Once you complete the form correctly and submitted electronically, the system will redirect you to the DS-160 confirmation page that has a CEAC barcode on it, that you need to present in the appointment.

   3. Schedule an appointment in the nearest US embassy of your location

Once the DS-160 form is completed and submitted online you need to make schedule an appointment at the US embassy:

You need to create a profile in the US embassy site and follow the steps to schedule an appointment that the same system will be redirecting you in an automated process. The final step should be the payment confirmation screen. Pay the application fees with any of the payment options available. Remember that while you advance in this process you will be asked to define the day and hour of your appointment. So make sure to clear out your agenda that day.

   4. Get your documentation ready and attend to the US visa appointment

Once you overcome the first three phases on how to schedule a US visa appointment, you will need to gather the information that the consular officer will ask you to present which are the same that you have by your side when you were filling the DS-160: passport, travel itinerary, resumé. Plus a labor certificate, proof of the payment application fees, DS-160 confirmation page, banking accounts, the photograph, and in most cases personal information (address, telephones, names) depending on the purpose of your trip.

Finally, attend to the visa appointment with all the documentation. Prepare` for at least a 2-hour wait for the interview. The US embassy has protocols for every visa appointment. Be punctual. Submit your application, passport, and documentation and wait until the counselor officer calls you for the interview. At that moment the officer will evaluate if you are eligible for the nonimmigrant visa. This will be based on the information from the DS-160 form, your answers from the interview and the supporting documentation presented.

   5. US visa delivered at your home address.

If your application for a visa is approved, it will be printed in your passport and returned to the address specified in your DS-160 form. The time varies depending on your country.

We hope this article provides a clear and straight forward answer on how to schedule a US visa appointment. Don’t forget that we are always available to clarify and help you through this process. We provide a 360 service with quality support to help our customers get the US visa.

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