U.S visa appointment

U.S visa appointment: A step by step guide

If you are a citizen of any foreign country who wishes to enter the United States of America in the near future, you’ve probably wondered how to schedule a U.S visa appointment. You probably already made some research about the requirements needed in order to obtain either a nonimmigrant visa for a temporary stay or an immigrant visa for permanent residence. The step by step in order to apply to any of these visas can be quite confusing, that’s why we have developed this article that aims to give you a step by step guide on how to make an appointment for the U.S visa.


Step #1 Visit the U.S embassy site of your respective country and find the online DS160 form


The first step that you need to make in order to schedule a U.S visa appointment is to get into the site of the U.S embassy of your respective country, get familiar with it and find the online DS160 form. Do not confuse it with other types of forms. The DS160 form is the standard non immigrant visa application. It is submitted electronically and you will need it in order to enter the U.S for a temporary stay or permanent residence.


Step #2 Complete and Submit your DS160 application 


You need to have particular care in this step. The fill out of the DS160 form is critical in order to book a U.S visa appointment, you need to answer everything that is required accurately and completely, otherwise, most likely is that you will need to correct your application and reschedule the U.S visa interview. To fill the form correctly, we want to give you some tips to make your life easier in this step:




  • All answers of the DS160 form must be in English (the only exception is your name). The applications submitted in other languages will be denied by the U.S embassy.
  • Most of the questions found in the DS160 form are mandatory and need to be answered in the spaces provided by the form. In some cases, you can fill the answer with the answer “Does not apply”. But remember if you don’t answer the mandatory questions, the system will not allow you to submit the form.
  • When you open a DS160 form you will be given a unique application identification, that you can save and return to it later until a 30 days limit.
  • Follow the guidelines that the U.S embassy requires in order to take your picture.
  • There are no additional forms required besides the DS160 to schedule an American visa appointment.


Step #3 Find the U.S embassy nearest to your location and schedule an interview


Once you have already filled the DS160 form, the next step is to get on the U.S. Embassy’s website and select the embassy closest to you. Once you locate the embassy, it’s important to review specific local instructions and procedures such as: scheduling an American visa appointment date, scheduling interviews, paying visa fees, and submitting forms. Remember that the procedures vary from country to country.


Whether you are booking a U.S visa appointment for the first time or for renewal you need to read these instructions and procedures in order to follow the correct process and don’t waste time. Here are some simple points to follow:

  1. Get in usembassy.gov
  2. Create a profile
  3. Find the closest embassy to your location
  4. Schedule your appointment: Date and hour.


As a tip: In several countries, you can schedule a visa appointment for the U.S. through a phone call.


Step #4 Get all your application and documentation ready 


Once you already set the American visa appointment date, it’s time to get all your documentation ready. Consider that besides the presentation of your DS160 form in the interview you will need to present additional documentation with it such as:


  • Passport
  • Travel itinerary
  • Picture
  • Resumé
  • Banking accounts of you and in some cases of your parents
  • Labor certificate
  • Prove of the payment of the visa fees.
  • Other information: Depending on the purpose of travel you will be asked additional information it can be: addresses, names, telephones, etc.


Besides that information, take into account that if you are booking a U.S visa appointment with other purposes: student, foreign exchange programs, temporary workers, etc, you will need to present additional information:


  • Students: Sevis ID which is printed on your I-20 or DS-2019 form
  • A petition based – temporary workers: You should have a copy of your I-129 form.
  • Other temporary workers: You will be asked some additional information about your employer; address, name, etc.


Note: All those additional forms mentioned before will be provided to you once you finish and submit the DS-160 form.


Step #5 Attend to the U.S. visa interview


When the date of your U.S visa interview arrives, don’t forget to bring your DS160 form and your documentation. Be ready to spend at least two hours of your day in the embassy. During this step, you need to demonstrate to the consular office that everything that you are stating in your documents is legit and trustworthy. We can’t tell you what questions you will be asked because they vary depending on every applicant’s circumstance.


Step #6 Receive your U.S. visa


The time of processing and delivering your visa can vary depending on the country. Research for that information in your embassy site. With visa at hand, you are ready to travel.


Hope this article gives you a clearer panoramic view of the process on how to book and obtain your U.S. visa. Remember that we provide a service that will help you in every single step of this guide and will save you time and make things way easier.


US Visa Appointment.


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