Us Visa Appointments in Dubai

Us Visa Appointments in Dubai

Generally, any United Arab resident who wishes to travel to the United States must first get a visa, either an immigrant visa for permanent residence or a nonimmigrant visa for a temporary visit or stay. If you will only stay in the US for a few days, months, or years and then return to your country of residence, then you are considered a temporary visitor. You will, therefore, need a nonimmigrant visa. Nonimmigrant visa is meant for those purposes of entering the US include business, tourism, study, and a temporary job offer from a US employer.

How to Get Us Visa Appointments in Dubai

The US visa appointments in Dubai involve several steps which every applicant must adhere to right from the beginning of the process. Failure to follow those instructions may lead to delay, rejection or even outright denial of your application. The processes are as follows:

Choose the Right Visa Category Based on Your Purpose of Travelling

You will begin your US visa application online, specifically on the website of the US Embassy and Consulate in the United Arab Emirates. Close to the bottom end of the page, you will be shown the two major categories of US visa application, namely “Nonimmigrant Visas” and “Immigrant Visas.” As an intended temporary visitor to the US, you will need to click on “Nonimmigrant Visas.” You will then be taken to the next page where you will be able to commence your application for US visa appointments in Dubai. It is very important to choose the right visa type to avoid rejection of your application.

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Fill the Online Application Form Correctly and Pay the Required Visa Fee

You will need to fill the online nonimmigrant visa application form, otherwise known as DS-160 form. After providing all the required information in the form, you will electronically sign it by clicking the “Sign Application” button at the end of the application form. The consulate will not process your US visa application if you don’t sign the form.

Documents Needed to Complete DS-160 Form

You should have the following documents with you when filling your DS-160 application form for your US visa appointments in Dubai:

  • Your passport
  • Travel itinerary
  • Dates of your last 5 trips or visits to the US (If you have travelled to the US in the past you may be asked to provide certain information about your travel history to the United States or general international travel.
  • Applicant-specific information based on your intended purpose of travel. As a student visa applicant, you may be asked certain questions about the school you are to study. And as a work visa applicant, certain information may be required about your job offer in the US. If you are going to visit someone, you may need to provide some information about your host in the US.

NOTE: Most of the questions on DS-160 form are mandatory and must be answered in English. Any application form submitted in any other language will be denied.

Print and Keep DS-160 Barcode Page

After submitting your DS-160 form, you will need to print and keep the confirmation page. The confirmation barcode page is one of the compulsory documents you must take to the visa interview.

Schedule Your US Visa Appointment in Dubai

All visa applicants must schedule their US visa appointments in Dubai on the website of the consulate general where they will be interviewed. The website will provide you with country-specific instructions on how to book your appointments as well as the documents, fees and other items needed to schedule your US Visa Appointments in Dubai. US visa appointments are based on first come first have. So, it is important to schedule your appointments as early as possible. You will be shown the estimated wait times indicating the earliest time you would be scheduled for an interview. In the event that you have to travel on emergency reason, you can request for expedited processing, provided you have evidence to prove that your case is indeed an emergency.


Apply for US Visa Appointments in Dubai at the Right Address

As a UAE resident, there are two places where you can make your US visa appointments. It could either be at the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi or at the US Consulate General in Dubai. It is best to choose the one that is nearest to your residence in the UAE. This is because you will need to attend a one on one visa interview at the embassy or consulate. So, the nearness will make the overall process easier for you.

How to Locate US Consulate in Dubai

If you are to have your US visa appointments in Dubai, the Dubai consulate general address and contact information are as follows:

Address: Corner of Al Seef Road and Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Rd

  1. O. Box 12177


United Arab Emirates

Telephone Number: (+971) 4-309-4000

How to Locate US Consulate in Abu Dhabi

If you are in Abu Dhabi and its environs, you can locate the US embassy at the following address:

U.S. Embassy Abu Dhabi

P.O. Box 4009

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Phone: +971-2 414 2200

Attend Us Visa Appointments in Dubai

All visa applicants aged 14-79 making their US visa appointments in Dubai are to appear in person for an interview. The only exceptions are those below the age of 14 and those 80 years and above. You will need to prepare for an interview as part of the process for your US visa appointments in Dubai. The website contains information detailing the requirements for visa applicants, including the documents to take along.

Get all the items ready, and go with them on your interview date. Ensure that you arrive on time for the interview. Being absent or late to the interview venue may result in cancellation of the appointment. Before the interview, you will be taken through certain processes, including biometric screenings and verification of your documents.

Once you are done with those pre-interview procedures and checking-in processes, you will be invited for a one on one interview with a consular officer. Find out about questions and wait times. Your performance with the officer, as well as the overall documentation and application process will determine your application success or otherwise. After the interview, you will receive one of these three decisions: approval, denial, or administrative processing.

What Happens After the Interview

Denial: If you receive a denial notice, this means the consular officer has reviewed your case and decided you are not eligible for the visa type you are applying for.

Administrative Processing: If you receive administrative processing notice, this means there was something amiss in the application process and would need more time before a decision can be made. In this case, you may be asked to provide some additional documents and information that could help the immigration officers make a decision on your case.

Approval: If you receive approval, this means your application for US visa appointments in Dubai is successful. You will be issued a visa which will allow you to travel to the US.

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