How to Get A US Visa Interview Appointment?

Scheduling a US visa appointment is a process that may be time-consuming. The process has to be followed most accurately to avoid rejection. You also have to keep in mind that the process of scheduling appointments may vary from one location to another.

  • The entire process of US Visa Interview Appointment scheduling has to be carried out online via the official website.

  • The website can be accessed from any geographical location at any time.

  • You may have to select the location offered only under the selected location list from the website.

Create registration

It may not be possible to schedule a Visa appointment unless you have a valid registration ID. The process of creating an ID is simple. Try and provide the most accurate set of information regarding your passport, dates, address proof and reason.

Valid email id has to be provided so the officials can contact you immediately. All documents will also be exchanged only via the registered email ID of the applicant.

Select visa type

During the process as you are applying for a visa, it is important to make a selection of the most appropriate visa category. The details of all available categories for a particular location and country can be collected from the web portal itself.

Once you have made your selections you can now freely select the right category – H&L, L1 or business visa. Students who aim at opting for higher education can also select students’ visa online.

Getting familiar with Visa class

When traveling to the US it is important to mention your class of travel. The selection may vary from business class travellers to visitors and pleasure travellers. So it is ideal to select the right class amongst B1 or B2. This selection is essential before requesting your appointment.

Valid personal details

To ensure that your interview application is not rejected, it is important to provide the most authentic set of personal information. This includes your contact details, passport details, birth dates, reasons, gender and contact address.

Always keep in mind that each set of information that you provide will be verified by the Visa authorities in advance before your appointment. Be extremely careful and double-check your information before submitting it because if you make any mistakes, the application may immediately get rejected.

Select the right dates for your interview

When applying for a US visa you have to undergo US Visa Interview Appointment in order to verify your photo and fingerprints prior to your interview session. The process is to be completed online and after verification, you should request confirmation.

The exact dates for you interview appointment and time must be selected online at the the official web portal.

US Visa Interview Appointment

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